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Game overview

Going Deeper! is a fantasy offline construction and management simulation game where players expand and defend a human colony in a hostile, resource-rich environment.

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Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy with Going Deeper!, an offline construction and management simulation game. Your mission is to expand and secure a human colony in a hostile territory surrounded by resources. The game's world is composed of six layers: surface and five underground levels, interconnected by 2x2 tunnels. As you descend deeper, resources become more abundant, but the danger also increases.

Begin your journey by collecting the necessary equipment for the expedition. Your selection of resources will determine your strategy and tactics. Initially, you will have five colony workers, but with your careful guidance, you can increase the colony's wealth and attract migrants to make the colony thrive.

In Going Deeper!, every in-game unit has its unique needs, requirements, and abilities. To develop a flourishing colony, you must wisely consider the preferences of each unit. Not everyone can become a skilled warrior or crafter. Manage them wisely to succeed.

Be cautious, as your colony has enemies, the goblins. Hence, you must organize an army and combat squad. The armor and weapons for your troops must be sturdy enough to defeat the enemies.

Furthermore, your colony is not isolated from the rest of the world. A merchant will visit you every two years to offer unique products. Take advantage of this opportunity, as some of the products he offers are not craftable.

Crafting and building are critical factors in Going Deeper! that will require your management skills to optimize both processes. The faster the colony works, the higher the chances of survival.

Going Deeper! presents three game modes: Campaign (complete the mission to win), Survival (survive for as long as possible), and Sandbox (customize the world and play according to your preferences).

Note that the game might contain errors since it is in the process of development, but the developer is working assiduously to fix all bugs and issues with updates. Get ready to dive deep into a world of fantasy in Going Deeper!.
Release date
Feb 26, 2021

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