Gods & Civilization: Ragnarok

Gods & Civilization: Ragnarok

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Assemble gods, conquer mythical lands and repel invasions in order to become the ultimate ruler in this 4X real-time strategy game set in the world of mythology.

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Challenge fate and leads Gods and legendary creatures to glory!

The world has fallen into chaos, and it's up to you to rebuild it. The gods are in despair, and they need a new hero to restore order. That hero is you. Assemble an army and journey through four universes of mythological wonders - from Greek to Egyptian, Roman to Norse.

With the power of the divine on your side, you'll assemble a legendary army of gods and mythological creatures. Thor, Odin, Zeus, Poseidon, Osiris, Hercules, Venus and more will join your ranks. From there, conquer Asgard itself and bring order back to the world in the aftermath of Ragnarok.

This is 4X real-time strategy in its purest form - and it's all at your fingertips. Whether battling through mythical lands or taking on other players and heroes, you'll need to build the greatest empire you can. Everything is at stake, so use all of your resources to repel enemy invasions and summon help from allies when you need it most.

At the same time, you'll be building your power and customizing your heroes with rare and powerful equipment. With each passing level, it's not just your empire growing - you're rising to become the ultimate ruler, bigger and more unstoppable than ever before.

The world is in your hands - will you rise to the challenge? Download this app now and lead gods and legendary creatures to glory!
Release date
Apr 11, 2022

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