GamesGoblin's Caravan

Game overview

Manage a traveling merchant fleet, explore villages, trade goods, and help monsters develop towns in the rejuvenated world.

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In this game, you will act as a boss of a traveling merchant fleet in a different world. You'll start by exploring various villages and expanding your business to become a successful merchant. The objective is to help the monsters develop the towns and make it a livable place.

The game will take you on a journey to explore different villages and buy various goods. You can trade these goods for a high profit margin in other villages. You can travel to more villages, depending on your initial explorations. Every village has unique specialties, and the variety of goods produced will depend on the terrain around it. For instance, villages near the sea or lakes are more likely to produce seafood.

Your responsibility is to help the villages develop, grow, and produce more advanced goods that can be sold at a higher price. You can invest in the villages and construct commercial buildings to manufacture more goods. You can even deliver specific materials to unlock the potential to produce more advanced goods.

Creating trading routes is crucial to maximize your caravan's profitability. This way, you can earn profits quickly by setting up the most profitable trading route, keeping in mind various factors such as the price of goods in different villages and the safety of your caravan. Even when you are not playing, your automated trade will proceed as per the trading routes you have set up.

Upgrading the caravan is an essential game mechanic. Upgrade your caravan's cargo capacity and defense. Your caravan will gain experience as you progress, and you'll then be able to upgrade it by earning modification points. You can allocate these modification points into increasing the caravan's storage space or loading capacity. You can also add more guard monsters to protect your caravan.

Assigning monsters to guard the merchant wagons is another feature of the game. If your resources are scarce, you can have your monster team guard the caravan and let the combat system run on automation. As you travel, armies of humans may try to rob you. The stronger your monsters are, the easier it will be to fight off the humans. If your monster team is defeated, a part of your cargo will be looted and lost.

In conclusion, SMEET (Smile Maker for Excellent Entertainment Time) provides you with a unique gameplay experience, filled with adventure, exploration, and strategic planning. It requires you to be cunning and develop a good understanding of the trade market. SMEET is available on both iOS and Android devices and is all set to take you on an unforgettable journey of trading and exploration.
Release date
Sep 21, 2023
Single player