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Goat Simulator 3 Mobile brings mayhem to your handheld device with goats, a giant sandbox, and hilarious mini-games. Play solo or with friends in multiplayer mode.

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Pilgor has returned to the small screen and promises to make you even less sociable during family dinners. Rejoice!

Experience the vast open world of Goat Simulator 3 Mobile which is equally as destructive and chaotic as its PC and console counterparts. Ram into unsuspecting civilians, drive recklessly without a valid license or even take a yoga class; it’s just like real life.

You can now invite a buddy to join in the multiplayer mode and create mayhem together or challenge each other and become rivals while indulging in any of the seven exhilarating mini-games.
Lonely? No problem. You can still enjoy the game by installing it on two devices and pretend your second device is your friend. Mum's the word!

San Angora's colossal sandbox island has been shrunken down and awaits in the palm of your cloven hoof!


– An array of Goats with distinct characteristics ranging from tall to fishy and fashionable hats, catering to your every need.
– A vast open world full of surprises to unravel, including commendable quests and challenges.
– Indulge in chaos with a partner in crime in the multiplayer mode.
– Terminate the friendship for good with seven different action-packed mini-games.
– Transform your goat with an all-inclusive selection of gears to unleash its full power.
– Witness the slapstick ragdoll physics that defy Newton's laws of motion.
Release date
Dec 4, 2023
Open world
Single player

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