Gnome Dash: Rise of the Trolls

Gnome Dash: Rise of the Trolls

Chris Goodwin
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Game overview

Help save magical lands from trolls in Gnome Dash: Rise of the Trolls. Fly, bounce, run, dig, and laugh your way through zany worlds.

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Snappzilla named it the Game of the Year 2016 with a 5/5 rating. Embark on an endless, magical adventure that will take you through an array of obstacles such as flying, bouncing, running, and digging. Bringing humor and wit, the game revolves around a prophecy where the trolls are set to take over the lands once ruled by gnomes. With the help of fairies and creatures, you must locate pieces of cybernetic fox, Project: SWIFT, to potentially avoid the end of the world.

Are you ready to save the magical world from trolls? Gnome Dash: Rise of the Trolls offers you a plethora of magical adventures, each zanier and funnier than the last. You will ride a worm that grows a mustache to explore the depths of the earth and fly on a friendly bee creature to experience the high of the sky. Engage Rainbow Fire Mode and smash bad guys to become invincible. The game also features 20+ original songs that you can download and share in-game.

While you are on your magical quest, keep your eyes peeled for hidden treasures, Easter eggs, and secret areas. Challenge yourself with different mini-games and fun bonus rounds as you journey through progressing worlds. This game offers simple one-touch game play that will keep you entertained for days.

Compatible with all iOS 8.0 devices, Gnome Dash: Rise of the Trolls is a must-have app. Download it now and receive a free SMILE!
Chris Goodwin
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