George Pontos: The Stolen Lyre

George Pontos: The Stolen Lyre

Gello Studio Games
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Game overview

Help George find the lost instrument lyra in this classic platformer game with over 10 levels, harmful obstacles, and enemies. Use weapons or avoid them to save ammo.

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Embark on a thrilling journey to discover the whereabouts of the lost instrument Lyra with George in this high-stakes action-packed platformer game. However, the path to finding it won't be easy as numerous obstacles, barbarians and other deadly dangers, and even spears shot from some dungeon platforms stand in George's way. In this classic platform game, you can either choose to eliminate the enemies or avoid them entirely and save your dynamite and ammo. Being cautious is vital as this world is full of danger and missing one move could mean that our hero will never find his instrument.

George's adventure is spread across 10 explosive levels, each with its own set of hazards and foes to contend with. To secure the stolen instrument, you must take a careful and systematic approach to advancing through each level.

George is equipped with impressive jumping skills and the ability to climb up walls. Additionally, he has a finite amount of dynamite and ammo, which he can use to fire at his enemies to eliminate them. The gun is his primary weapon, but he also carries a knife that he can use to silently slay his enemies.

Indulge in the thrill of adventure as you play this perilous dungeons platformer, which is reminiscent of classic superhero platform games. If you enjoyed playing games like 8-bit R dangerous, this is a perfect game for you. Join George in his world of dangerous dungeons and experience the excitement and euphoria of adventure!

The adventure is now within your reach! Fight off obstacles and enemies as you look for the stolen Lyra in this thrilling platformer game.
Download the game now and dive into an exciting and thrilling gaming experience. Relax and get ready to take on the dangerous Dungeons and emerge victorious with George!
Gello Studio Games
Release date
Jun 19, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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