Geopoesis: Eos

Geopoesis: Eos

Ian McLoughlin
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Game overview

Save humanity by terraforming the hostile planet Eos. Experiment, strategize and master drone deployment to beat 13 challenging areas.

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The catastrophic state of Earth, our beloved homeworld, led us to take a daunting mission of executing geopoesis on an inhospitable planet called Eos. In order to ensure our survival, we need you to turn the thirteen challenging areas of this alien planet into an ever-growing energy source by terraforming the land, cleaning the air, and establishing water bodies.

Your strategic skills will come in handy as you deploy various drone types to overcome the harsh environmental conditions presented by each area. Experimentation and careful observation will be the key to your success in each level, and you won't be penalized for trying out different approaches. Don't be afraid to fail and have fun experimenting with different tactics until you find one that works.

Timing, energy management, and intelligent selection of drone features and base location will be crucial to your success in each area. Additionally, be alert because you may not be the only one on this planet!

Before embarking on this mission, we suggest mastering the fundamental skills required to succeed in the friendly simulated world of Artemis. This free tutorial consists of three easy areas that will help you become acquainted with the essential concepts and techniques. You can download it from the app store by searching for Geopoesis: Artemis.

Visit for more information, tips, and alerts regarding new worlds to terraform. If you run into any difficulties, let us know, and we'll be happy to provide you with some hints.

This game's performance has been assessed on the iPhone8 and later models, and its pictorial layout is compatible with all iPhones that support iOS 15.
Ian McLoughlin
Release date
Mar 08, 2022

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