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Geomeun Jeonseol

Geomeun Jeonseol


Game overview

Free SS rank and 1 billion diamonds, plus rare equipment, costumes, and gift cards. Battle bosses, create legendary teams, and more. Enjoy the cool world of Black Legend RPG.

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Dive into the fabulous world of the "Cool Ghost Legend RPG" and get ready to enjoy amazing benefits! With just one login, you will receive an incredible giveaway of 100 million diamonds and even a free ticket to the 1000-times draw. Don't miss out on this chance to obtain rare equipment, costumes, and gift cards. You can even get a remarkable Korean traditional costume that has a sophisticated yet powerful attribute bonus.

In this game, you can unlock various achievements and receive rewards based on your power level objective. You can also acquire highly valued items such as the SP Shinjang and the 100,000 silver prison through the Gate of Hell. For more information, visit our official café site at or our gaming lounge at

Enter the cool supernatural world of this revamped ghost legend story and recreate your own fantasy tale while enjoying a thrilling gaming experience. Embark on the ultimate battle as you face the challenging boss raid, where you can obtain powerful mythology equipment with the highest drop rate. If you want to level up quickly, enter the world of Black Legend.

Meet all your collection demands with a variety of legendary team combinations comprising various mythologies ranging from the divine, hellish spirits to the Eastern and Western treasures. Moreover, the fate system will enhance your second life as you engage in a relentless struggle for honor. You can even take part in social activities, get married, and raise an heir to secure your family's position.

Show off your unique style by collecting and designing flashy mounts, wings, and costumes that are both elegant and dazzling. Uncover your individuality and boldly present yourself to the world with this "Cool Ghost Legend RPG".
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