Genius Quiz SW

Genius Quiz SW

André Birnfeld
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Game overview

Genius Quiz SW introduces 50 new questions and tests your knowledge of the Star Wars universe in a challenging manner. Quotations and extracts are legally allowed.

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Genius Quiz SW is an exclusive edition of our games series that was designed in response to the numerous requests made by our users. The game features 50 new and one-of-a-kind questions related to the theme of Star Wars.

It is vital to note that not all answers are in the alternatives; therefore, you will need to use your intelligence and memory to your advantage.

This edition is created in the free interpretation of the movie series controlled by Lucasfilm Ltd. The company owns the copyrights over the series and has relative responsibilities. We acknowledge and respect their productions but, as usual, challenge our members to test their intelligence and memory by quoting short extracts and passages, authorized by Brazilian Federal Law 9.610/1998, Art. 46, III and VIII.

Art. 46 describes the offense to copyright and what is allowed when quoting passages of any work for study, criticism, or controversy, as long as the author's name and origin of the work are indicated. The law permits the recreation of small snippets or the full work in new works, as long as the reproduction itself is not the primary objective of the new work and does not damage the normal operation of the reproduced work or unreasonably prejudice the authors' legitimate interests.
André Birnfeld
Release date
Jan 12, 2017
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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