Genius Quiz 4

Genius Quiz 4

André Birnfeld
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Game overview

Answer 50 tricky questions with unconventional answers in this challenging game that only 2% of players complete.

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Are you ready for the ultimate challenge of knowledge? Test yourself with "50 Qs", a game that is designed to push your mind to its limits. With 50 one-of-a-kind queries, each one more challenging than the previous, this game will provide an intense mental workout like no other.

But don't expect a mere trivial pursuit. Some of the solutions may not be found among the choices, and instead, you will have to rely on your wits to come up with them. A true test of your memory, reasoning, and critical thinking skills.

Think you have what it takes to beat "50 Qs"? Well, you may need to think again. This game is so tough that only a mere 2% of people who attempt it ever manage to finish it. Are you one of the intellectually elite who can see it through to the end? Can you prove that you truly are a master of trivia and knowledge?

Challenge your friends and see who among you can come out on top. Or do it solo, and prove to yourself that you are a true intellectual champion. Download "50 Qs" now and show the world just how smart you really are.
André Birnfeld
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