Genius Quiz

Genius Quiz

André Birnfeld
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Answer 100 challenging trivia questions in a cerebral gauntlet designed to outsmart even the brightest minds and prove your genius IQ.

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Do you have the intellect and knowledge to surpass a quiz for GENIUSES?

Push your mind to its limits with the most challenging questions in any trivia game ever created! Tackle a 100-question quiz specifically designed for geniuses, drawing upon all your cognitive abilities and reasoning power!

Scrutinize each question carefully and make every selection count! Assert your genius IQ by successfully completing this daunting trivia game with only three lives!

Impress your peers by conquering this free, ingenious brainteaser quiz and dare them to beat your time! Master every question with deftness, proficiency, and expertise, and intimidate everyone with your astute and sagacious mind!


🧠ANSWER 100 brilliant and cunning questions in a trivia maze intended to challenge and astonish the most adept quiz masters in the world! Use your creativity to surmount every obstacle and avoid mistakes if you want to progress to the enigmatic, almost legendary last question!

🧠CHALLENGE yourself and polish your mental skills and faculties with every new stage of the quiz. A seemingly uncomplicated query can transform into the ultimate puzzle in the blink of an eye! Will you persevere until the end?

🧠EVALUATE your intelligence and intellectual power in a complimentary trivia game you may play anytime, anywhere! Broaden your brainpower and knowledge by learning from your missteps and conquering the most demanding quiz ever!

🧠COMPETE with your friends and ascertain who can accurately answer more questions in the shortest interval!

Are you certain that the right answer is among the choices? Is there something you might have overlooked? To vanquish every trivia level of this quiz for geniuses, you must scrutinize your own cognitive process and perceive things from new and unprecedented angles at times!

Remember: this is not your typical and mundane quiz game! If you are seeking a challenge to truly elevate your cognitive prowess, look no further! Compete for the quiz genius title and establish your intelligence by surpassing all 100 questions!

Discover an extraordinary trivia game and challenge all your peers to beat your genius score! Practice incessantly to hone your quiz knowledge and become an invincible genius by learning how to respond to every question in record time!

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André Birnfeld
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