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Genius Bishoujo Romance Bundle

Game overview

☆Enjoy 3 classic Bishoujo Slice of Life visual novels from Genius tailored just for you!☆

First time bishoujo game player? Love anime and want to give visual novels a try? No worries! This is where to start!

Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game bundle from Genius Studio Japan! Make exciting decisions throughout the story to enjoy your very own unique experience! These are 3 of our best slice of life romance titles for you to enjoy as a bundle with 30% reduced costs! Who will you choose to be your waifu...?

This bundle is also great for any Genius Bishoujo fan who may have missed out on these classic titles during their initial release and want to check them out!

☆This bundle contains the following stories☆

■My Crazy High School Romcom■

You are an aspiring manga artist who wants to make it big someday. The problem is, a new school year has come! No one looks forward to it—not even you.

Things change when you get seated next to an energetic classmate, and you meet another girl who desperately needs your help to get close to your best friend. Just when things couldn’t get more complicated, a familiar face from the past arrives.

Will you be able to capture the attention of these girls in time for the upcoming school festival?

■My Sweet Stepsister■

You were living an average life as a college student with your mom and dad when suddenly, your dad makes the shocking confession that he’s actually your stepdad… and that he has three daughters he never told you about! Their mother has gone missing, so now you’re suddenly forced to live with your new stepsisters! Your mom is not pleased and you’re definitely confused… but you start to adjust to life with them. As you work to help them solve their own issues, you begin to realize that there might be something sinister about the disappearance of their mother. You also begin to wonder whether it’s okay to fall in love with them… What will you do?!

■Sakura Scramble■

After a lot of hard work, you've managed to make it into high school! But there's only one thing that's really on your mind... finding a girlfriend! Legend has it that if two lovers confess their feelings underneath the sakura tree in the schoolyard, their love will last forever. As you contemplate your future possibilities, you are reunited with your childhood friend named Poppy - an energetic and spunky girl that you haven't seen for years. The two of you decide to help each other out - you find her a boyfriend, and she'll find you a girlfriend!

Within a week, you find yourself acquainted with a beautiful senior as well as a quirky girl from another class. You all quickly become friends... but then you begin to wonder. Who do I want to confess my feelings to underneath the sakura tree...?
Release date
Oct 27, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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