GamesGBox: The Puzzle Collection

GBox: The Puzzle Collection

Game overview

15 puzzle games to boost logic, memory and concentration. Variations available. Good for all ages, optimized for performance and various screen aspect ratios.

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Improve your critical thinking, memory retention, and concentration! The Games in a Box - Universal Logic Collection is a compilation of fifteen distinct strategy-based games, each with its unique varieties. Suitable for all age brackets, they are primarily designed for smartphones and tablets that boast different screen aspect ratios. The games' optimization ensures minimal power consumption without marred performances.

Pairs, also known as Match Match, MatchUp, Memory, or Pairs, is a concentration game in which classic, search, triplet, blockades, and bombs modes are available. The aim is to flip game pieces over and hunt for their matching pairs with the fewest number of turns possible.

With Chess Maze, you must guide the King to the castle by adhering to chess rules and moving from one piece to another through logic mazes.

Color the Cube is a spatial thinking 3D puzzle game. The Logic Cube requires players to exchange colors when they touch the tiles, ultimately seeking to color all of the cube's faces.

Circuits - a variation of Swipe puzzle- is akin to the traditional fun game that incorporates pipes known as plumber. Join the contacts together to create chains.

With the Mosaic logic puzzle game TetraVex, you can move tiles by combining them until every tile matches all the adjacent tiles' colors and sides.

If you're looking to hone your mental arithmetic skills, try playing Math Quiz with mandatory blitz mode. A math question appears on the top panel, with pieces containing answers on the playing field; players must sum the numbers and select the tile displaying the answer.

With Slide & Swap, Picture Sliding Puzzles, and 15 other puzzle types, you must arrange the pieces by sliding or swapping them in order. Start from the upper left corner and work your way down to the bottom left corner.

Repeat is a strategy game that enhances memory and concentration. After identifying a particular sequence, press the pieces in their corresponding order.

Spin Puzzle entails a rotation puzzle with numbers or images that must be spun and assembled in ascending order. Start at the upper left corner and work your way down.

With Dominoes strategy games, create unique domino pieces.

Doubling is a logic game with numbers, where you must match identical pieces to make a double number tile.

For Sequences, you must find the numbers by adhering to the chosen sequence type from lowest to highest.

Swipe is a game based on the rules of Sixteen puzzles. Solve the puzzle by moving a row or column of pieces. Symmetry game type demands the left and right halves of the board to reflect each other.

For Different, you can either compare two halves of the board and determine the distinctive piece or locate the unique piece that occurs only once.

Finally, you can play all the games endlessly, from Pairs to Puzzle Box - All in one, in one location. The Puzzle Box - All in one enables players to try every game without having to interfere with it constantly.
Release date
Apr 10, 2017
Single player

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