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Join forces with 3 other survivors, clear enemy territory, upgrade weapons, and level up to defeat the Rot aliens in Gatherers - a challenging cooperative multiplayer game.

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Embark on an original adventure in the world of Gatherers, where an insidious invasion by the Rot, malevolent extraterrestrial conquerors, has left the planet in ruin, corrupting both organic and mechanical life. In the midst of this catastrophe, a group of capable survivors has banded together, determined to reclaim their home from the alien scourge.

Experience the excitement of real-time cooperative multiplayer as you team up with up to three other survivors to take on the corrupted alien threat. Progress through the game by conquering enemy territory, clearing areas of infestation, and completing critical missions.

Take advantage of the intuitive 3rd person controls, which feature an innovative boosting and gliding system that lets you easily navigate the map and engage in combat with the alien threat from the ground or air.

Choose from three unique survivor classes, each with complementary abilities and skills: Brunel, the engineer with their powerful Decoy ability; Doss, the combat medic who specializes in healing; or Jolt, the ravager with their devastating Impact skill. Only by working together can you overcome the many challenges ahead.

Collect loot from defeated enemies and complete missions to increase your arsenal of weapons, which can be upgraded to deal even more damage to the Rot aliens. Grow and advance your abilities as you earn experience and unlock progressively more difficult missions.

Come face-to-face with the relentless Rot, which can adapt to your tactics and become more challenging with each encounter. Survivors must likewise adapt and improve their strategies if they hope to succeed in this dangerous world.
Fun Monkey Ltd
Release date
May 10, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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