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Game overview

Gate of Mobius" is a 3D action shooting game with multiplayer mode for up to 4 players. Choose your career, customize your character, and collect powerful armor to complete chapter-based missions.

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◈ Embark on an adventure inspired by a captivating fairy tale with the all-new strategic real-time 3D action shooting game, "Gate of Mobius"!

◈ Invite up to 4 players to join the multiplayer game and tackle different levels together. Develop the skills and characters you love to defeat formidable foes!

◈ Customize your character's appearance with costumes acquired in game. Create a truly unique character that reflects your personal taste.

◈ Enhance your character's abilities and skills to unlock their full potential. Each character possesses exceptional abilities unique to them. You can combine your magic and classes to improve and fortify your character even further.

◈ Switch between professions - Hunter, Knight, Mage, Ranger or Alchemist – to maximize your character's potential and conquer various challenges.

◈ After completing missions, unlock the chance to acquire precious armor to strengthen your character. Find the most suitable armor and create the strongest partner at your fingertips!

◈ Unfold the story of the protagonists in this fairy tale world and unlock new characters after completing the chapters. Enter their world and embark on a wondrous journey together!

◈ The storyline of "Gate of Mobius" focuses on the concept of freedom, where players can explore their own freedom in this magical and immersive game world.
Release date
Dec 24, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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