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Lost memories, fine dining, and romance. Play as a maid and unravel the mysteries of the Gastro Club in 1960s Tokyo.

【Synopsis】 Step into a fascinating and beautiful world set in Tokyo during the 1950s. The luxury restaurant, "Gastronomy," holds a peculiar banquet called the "Gourmet Club" regularly. However, one day, an ingredient bag was delivered, and it turns out that a woman had lost all of her memories and was inside. As a maid and ingredient, the woman gets adopted by one of the male members... 【Gameplay】 This game is a romantic adventure app (otome game) that allows you to choose options while enjoying scenarios and avatar customization to reach various endings. This game is easy to operate, available to download for free, and can be played casually. *Special scenarios and avatars require in-app purchase. 【Characters】 ■Aran Egawa / Ega waa Alan [Domineering × Owner] A handsome and suave elite who is brilliant and does it his way. ■Shizuya Ooe/ Ooe Shizuya [Cool × Lawyer] A work-loving efficiency expert who is surprisingly kind-hearted. ■Yumihiko Ogawara / Ogawara Yumihiko [Hidden Carnivore × Doctor] A gentle and amiable good person who is a carnivorous beast at heart. ■Tokage Midorikawa / Midorikawa Tokage [Venomous × Cruel × Priest] A black devil with a haughty personality and caustic tongue who is feared around him. Planning: NiNO.
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