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In Garden City, turn an old manor into a flourishing park! Manage resources, solve challenges, and complete quests in over 40 unique levels.

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In Garden City, a distant relative has generously left you an old manor with a mandate to turn it into a beautiful garden. Unfortunately, the old manor needs a lot of work, and you are lacking in funds. To make matters worse, your greedy cousin is trying to swoop in and claim your inheritance. Are you ready to show them who deserves to own this place?

In this exciting casual strategy game, you’ll have to be ready for unexpected challenges as you try to restore the manor. Your flowers may be wilting, and your fountain may not be ready for the public, but with careful resource management, clever approaches, and a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to solve any problem that comes your way.

With over 40 levels set in four distinct styles, from classic to modern, you’ll have plenty of quests to keep you busy. You’ll need to restore old buildings and construct new ones while managing your workers and resources to ensure you achieve success. A clear tutorial and easy controls will help guide you through the game, making it accessible and enjoyable for anyone.

With a little bit of practice, your manor will be transformed into one of the world’s most beautiful parks, and you’ll be able to claim the inheritance that is rightfully yours. Get ready to turn an old manor into a flourishing park! Play Garden City now!
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