Garage: Bad Dream Adventure

Garage: Bad Dream Adventure

作場金属製作所 Sakuba Metal Works
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Game overview

Enter a bizarre world and escape the labyrinth while transforming into a living machine creature. Explore unique settings and solve mysteries in Garage.

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Garage is a peculiar contraption that delves into the depths of the human psyche, constructing a strange and eerie world that lies within one's subconscious. As the game commences, the protagonist is abruptly flung into a confined space, flooded with sewage and decrepit wooden edifices that are intertwined with corroded metals. It is at this point that the player realises that their physical form has undergone a transformation, a hybrid formation of both machinery and a living organism - a startling revelation indeed.

The objective of the game is to navigate through the convoluted and intricate maze-like structure in a quest to escape the bewildering world. The game's origin dates back to the release of the PC adventure game in 1999, where the character enters a parallel world through a psychotherapy machine. The game's unique setting and world construction contributed to its reputation as one of the top three unconventional and bizarre games, adding an air of mystique and peculiarity to its gameplay.

This game is an amalgamation of several different genres, including mystery-solving exploratory adventures, RPG elements, body modifications and intricate fishing systems. Furthermore, the story offers an existentialist conundrum, questioning the boundary between escaping from and staying in the world. The world-building in this game is incredibly detailed, creating a sense of realism with its intricacies and complexities. The game immerses its players by intertwining the notions of energy circulation, ecosystems and the origin of the world, adding an authentic touch to the game system. Garage does not fall under the horror or depressing game genre, yet it still manages to create an inexplicable feeling of uneasiness and apprehension, crafted through its settings and systems.

This mobile version of the game has undergone significant improvements and enhancements, such as the retouching of images, revised videos utilising AI frame interpolation, enhancing user-interface and game balancing, all leading up to the addition of new chapters, sub-quests and multiple endings. These improvements grant players a truly unique game experience, elevating Garage to the next level and cementing its place as one of the most unconventional and engaging games out there.
作場金属製作所 Sakuba Metal Works
Release date
Dec 10, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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