Game of Legends: Rise of Champions

Game of Legends: Rise of Champions


Game overview

The gods have abandoned us. They've abandoned us to the sinister monsters that relish in their absence. Now, our world is but strife and calamity, one after the other.

And yet, against all odds, we persisted.

We persisted, hoping for the day a courageous Lord will rally the heroes of legends and drive back the Darktide to whence they came.

A new chapter is dawning on the land of Arkadia. Will you be the Lord that shapes its story?

[Game Features]

-Experience the game in an authentic 3D perspective-
Play the game with fully 3D, high-definition graphics. Journey through Arkadia's diverse lands, grand strongholds, and epic battles as if you were watching a movie!

-Join grand Alliances and fight for a common cause-
Gather your friends and form Alliances to battle ever-growing threats! Lay siege to enemy Alliances and experience the thrill of all-out warfare!

-Meet and interact with the world's numerous races-
Join one of the 5 factions, each with their own unique backstory. Venture into the world and meet the mystical races of Arkadia!

-Fight without restrictions and execute real-time strategies-
Take the fight to your enemy's doorsteps by utilizing your knowledge on warfare, terrain, and tactics in this sandbox-style strategy game. Control the flow of battle, execute combat maneuvers, and play your enemies like a fiddle!

-Immerse yourself in an epic storyline spanning the world-
Jump right in and immerse yourself in the lore of Arkadia! Follow along with an ensemble of characters that'll take you on a roller-coaster of emotions!

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