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Lead your horde to conquer Eurasia, resolve disputes, romance beauties, and battle for supremacy with allies in the wildly popular Game of Khans.

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Embark on an epic journey of conquest with Game of Khans, the latest addition to the strategy game genre, based on the Mongol conquests. With glowing reviews from celebrities and YouTubers, Game of Khans is the obvious choice for fans of conquest games out there. Get ready to become the mightiest ruler of Eurasia and build your own empire. Are you up for the challenge?


💪[Levy] Collect vast resources with just a single click!

📖[Ruling] Resolve numerous disputes by issuing decrees!

📣[Recruitment] Enlist renowned advisors to join your court!

💓[Harem] Romance and woo beautiful women around the world!

🏆[Horde] Form alliances with other players and wage war for dominance!

🦁[Hunting] Brave ferocious beasts and tame them to fight by your side!

[Unconventional activities? I got you covered!]

What's that? Your troops disguised themselves as bandits and terrorized several chieftains? Do you punish the culprits or let them off the hook, my Great Khan? The fate of your kingdom is in your hands!

[Combat isn't the only way to victory!]

As a Great Khan, you are an indomitable warrior, taking down all those who stand in your way! However, you can also delegate the management of your territories and reap the rewards. Trust your advisors to govern your lands without fear of disappointment!

[Fortify the Main Fortress during Horde Battle!]

The battle for the Main Fortress is about to commence! Gather your Horde and storm the enemy's stronghold. Different Hordes have different strategies. What's yours? Unite and overcome all your foes!

[The charm of love prevails all!]

During World Travel, you will discover diverse cultures and people. But, can you win the hearts of beautiful women and convince them to return with you? Use your wit, charm, and gallantry to impress them and bring them back to your kingdom!

[Secure your dynasty's legacy with your heirs!]

Visiting consorts may bear your children. Care for and raise them until they come of age and marry. You have the right to determine whether your heirs wed out of love or for political gain. Secure your dynasty's legacy through careful planning!

[Assemble a legion of legendary warriors!]

Summon the greatest advisors to your cause at the Proving Grounds. Flick the Seal upward and let fate decide who joins your court! Good luck in your search for the mightiest warriors!

[As easy as pie and thrilling too!]

There are numerous time-limited casual events, such as the Ram Festival, Gemstone Clash, and Jewelry. Moreover, you can participate in steppe-themed games like Lasso and Archery!

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