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Unleash powerful magic against hordes of chaos in this strategic game. Choose good or evil, collect spells and champions and customize your god.

Get ready for adrenaline-pumping action and tactical gameplay as you unleash incredible magic against the hordes of Chaos! Gather dozens of spells and unearth the unique ways they interrelate with each other. Opt for either the good or evil path by either saving or vanquishing mankind, appease the greater gods to gain access to challenges, and collect powerful champions to aid you in the battlefield. Additionally, customize your god, play with other gamers in large-scale cooperative campaigns, and more! With this game, you can drag and release spells onto the battlefield, executing fatal magic on your enemy. In single player mode, progress through a campaign where you'll face off against distinguishing monsters, bosses, locations, and more. Alternatively, plunge into multiplayer mode where you'll join other players in a group to defend against large scale invasions. Discover how spells interact with each other - electrify water, burn trees, water plants, and more! You have a choice of being good, evil, or both, by either saving or destroying mankind. Please different gods and follow various unique challenge paths. Collect a wide array of powerful champions fighting alongside you in battle, ranging from a noble king to an armored bear to a giant skeleton warrior, and many more. Customize your god and make them stand out with clothes, armor, god gifts, mutations, and more. You'll face against many enemy types, creating deep, strategic gameplay. Accumulate worshippers and gain significant rewards as your god's fame grows. Immerse yourself in a unique world filled with captivating characters. The graphics are beautifully designed with over-the-top effects that are sure to awe. If you need support, email us at for any help, suggestions, feedback, or bug reporting. Follow @FoursakenMedia on Twitter, or like us on Facebook for all the latest news. Don't miss out on all the magical action!
Release date
Mar 19, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

OFF-HAND • Carl Teichrib • Game Of GodsSerpents & Doves
Carl Teichrib | Game of Gods - Session 1 | 2021Pre-Trib Study Group
GAME OF GODS Gameplay Android First LookMike Fringe


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