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Galaxy Survival: Space TD

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Captain, fix the spaceship and escape mutant attacks. 1000+ species. Single-hand control, underground mining, upgrades, skill combos. Survive!

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Humanity's cornerstone has been wiped out due to a worldwide disaster, causing Earth to lose its gravitational force. Unfortunately, you, as the captain of the final surface craft, weren't quick enough to save the innocent victims. As a result, the spaceship is in ruins, and it is imperative that it is fully restored before attempting escape. The mutant creatures are launching brutal assaults, and neglecting the ship's fortification could result in its failure. Use the opportunity of the monsters' invasion's delay to collect subterranean resources and prepare the spaceship for takeoff.

You must guide the spaceship while eliminating thousands of mutant creatures. Combat these powerful and ferocious beasts single-handedly and take advantage of the gaps between each wave of attack to dig for valuable resources. Consequently, utilize resources conservatively to guarantee successful repairs and unlock powerful upgrades. Engage in roguish spaceship skills, showcasing limitless combinations, with strategic decision-making.

In addition, overcome challenges by releasing overwhelming skill combos, fighting with increasing courage, and remaining invincible. Join the fight to save humanity by repairing the spaceship and escaping Earth.

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