Galaxy Genome

Galaxy Genome

Anton Skvortsov
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Game overview

Galaxy Genome is an open world space simulator with an endless array of customizable and upgradable ships within the 1:1 Milky Way galaxy, complete with surface vehicles, various career opportunities, and intriguing storylines.

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Galaxy Genome is a thrilling sci-fi space simulator that plunges players into an open world teeming with adventure. As you navigate the cosmos, you'll have the chance to upgrade and personalize your vessel from stem to stern. Whether you're on the lookout for your next bounty or smuggling contraband across the galaxy, there's no shortage of excitement to be found in this cutthroat world.

With a main storyline to follow as well as plenty of side missions to tackle, the experience of real space exploration is never far away in Galaxy Genome. Every corner of the Milky Way has been expertly recreated at full galactic scale, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the game's expansive universe.

As a novice pilot grappling with a harsh financial reality, your choices will ultimately determine your fate in this dangerous world. Adrift in a sea of uncertainty, you may be drawn to transporting contraband, but be warned: this will inevitably land you in hot water with the law. If you're lucky, though, your fortunes may take a turn for the better when you enter into a deal with the system's authorities.

Galaxy Genome offers players the opportunity to chart their own course, whether they want to be an aggressive pirate, peaceful trader, daring explorer, dogged bounty hunter, or something in between. Choose from among 30 different ships and tweak them to your heart's content. The game also boasts an engrossing storyline and a collection of captivating side quests to keep players engaged.

For even greater immersion, Galaxy Genome allows players to venture down to the surface of planets in specially designed vehicles. There are no classes or skill levels to worry about, so it's up to players to test their mettle and rely on their wits and their ship's equipment to stay ahead of the game. And with the galaxy teeming with over 2 billion star systems, all carefully crafted based on real scientific principles, there's never a shortage of adventure on the horizon.
Anton Skvortsov
Release date
May 16, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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