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Galaxy Explorer:New Home

Game overview

Build an outpost, explore an alien world, and battle greedy insects in Galaxy Explorer: New Home. Summon heroes and collaborate with others for victory.

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Galaxy Explorer: New Home is an extraordinary strategy game that allows you to explore different planets, build cities, and fight intense battles. With the help of modern technology, the game unleashes infinite possibilities for humanity. Astraia, an alien planet, is your new target for embarking on a space expedition with the main objective of building a fresh home for human beings.

The game offers open-world exploration gameplay, tailored specifically for strategy game enthusiasts. As you explore the planet, you'll encounter a strange extraterrestrial ecology rich with resources that help you construct your off-world base.

You will also come across the indigenous people and their energy source, "LiveMetal," which you can use to gain powerful new strengths. Tasks from the indigenous people can be challenging but rewarding.

But beware of the greedy Chonids - an insectoid alien species that is jealous of you taking over their territory. Train more troops, and use different tactics to defeat these aliens and uncover the secret behind the "LiveMetal."

You can establish massive outposts on the planet's surface using customizable building modules that the space station will drop according to specified coordinates.

You will experience thematic events like guarding herb gardens, finding relics, and destroying Chonids tunnel networks that will enhance your gameplay experience. Battle the Chonids using powerful long-range weapons, flying units, large combat machines, and mega-structure weapons.

Recruit powerful heroes from different races as allies, each with unique talents and combat skills to make you invincible. Collaborate with other players by building bases, exchanging trades, and borrowing heroes.

Join alliances with other planetary bases to capture the Chonid strongholds, rebuild your alliances' mega-city on their debris, and develop your civilization.

Galaxy Explorer: New Home is available for download now. The countdown is commencing, and the ship is waiting. Are you ready to begin your journey? Get ready to blast off!
Release date
Aug 14, 2023

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