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Build your armada and engage in strategy-based space battles to protect starcitizens in Galaxy Arena Space Battles. Customize your spacecraft and research new technology.

Galaxy Arena Space Battle is an enthralling strategy game set in outer space, where you play the role of an interstellar Commander. Unfortunately, your spaceship fleet was ambushed, and you lost everything. But don't lose hope because you have your intelligent space men crew on your side, and together you must rebuild your fleet. You need to start by assembling various spacecraft such as dreadnoughts or flexible starships. Then, it's time to upgrade and equip each spaceship with the latest weapons of your choice such as anti matter, lasers, guns, and much more. Galaxy Arena Space Battle is a game that demands strategy over speed or action. You must learn how to optimize your limited resources to build the ultimate spaceship fleet. The game also has an impressive array of unique and epic spaceships such as the cruise starship and fearsome dreadnoughts that you can unlock by collecting coins after each victory in battle. What makes Galaxy Arena Space Battle an exceptional experience is that you can customize each spaceship according to its specific function in the battle. You can equip your spaceship for Close Range Stance, Medium Range Stance, or Long Range Stance. Engage in battles to take down enemies and collect coins to improve your armada. The game also features a realistic space war simulation that allows you to see how your newly built and equipped armada fares against the invading enemies. Additionally, Galaxy Arena Space Battle has an adjustable 3D view of the battle, which you can swipe to view from any vantage point. The game boasts amazing interstellar graphics and realistic SFX. But wait, there's more! You can also research new technology to get new types of anti matter weapons or intergalactic machine guns. What are you waiting for? Download and play Galaxy Arena Space Battles today! This game is perfect for players who love strategy games and idle games. Don't forget to spread the word to friends and family who would enjoy playing intergalactic space war games. They can even join you and be the next guard of the galaxy in this exciting space odyssey. Lastly, please support us by rating and reviewing Galaxy Arena Space Battles today! Join the Space Battles Galaxy Arena Community on Discord at
Release date
Jun 28, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

Galaxy Arena Metaverse Gameplay TrailerGalaxy Arena Metaverse Official
Welcome to the Galaxy ArenaGalaxy Arena
Galaxy Arena | GamePlay PCMAZAVS - Games Channel


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