Fuuka: A Summer Memory

Fuuka: A Summer Memory

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Visual Novel

Game overview

Featuring Fuuka by world famous manga artist Seo Koji!
A summery love story begins when you meet the characters of Fuuka by the sea!

You've secured a sweet summer job through your uncle's connections at a beach house.
Things are off to a good start and you hit it off well with the owner, Nobuaki Yahagi. But things soon get out of hand when the beach house just proves to be too popular.
You ask the owner to hire some more help and four new faces come to the rescue. Fuuka Akizuki, Koyuki Hinashi, Sara Iwami and Makoto Mikasa are their names.
As you all work together, you begin to feel like they might be more than just coworkers to you...
Could it be the heat? Or maybe something else...
Enjoy the summer romance of a lifetime!
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Release date
May 30, 2022
Visual Novel
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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