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Join EMBER's WRATH and battle powerful AI-controlled mech robots in this competitive mobile RPG. Create unique mechs and fight tactical battles with other players.

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Are you looking for a competitive gaming experience with dynamic combat tactics? Look no further than Fusion Guards, a mobile mech tactics RPG that respects your schedule and your intelligence. With a community of active players that values your feedback, you'll have an opportunity to shape the game as it develops.

Prepare for epic mech battles with other pilots in beautifully-illustrated, 3D battlegrounds. Assemble your team of mech war heroes through campaign story missions, weekly and live events, and team and guild idle PvP AFK multiplayer arena battles. Experiment with tactics, formation, mecha unit builds, and mech pilots to claim the top spot on the leaderboard.

Immerse yourself in a gripping narrative when you join EMBER'S WRATH, a mercenary group of mech pilots fighting to save a world ravaged by rogue AI and experimental nanotech. As you progress, you'll meet a diverse cast of heroes and encounter rival factions in an RPG-caliber story. Collaborate with competing factions to defeat an army of advanced, AI-controlled mech robot forces intent on destroying humanity forever.

Customize your mechs and find the perfect strategy using advanced weaponry to defeat powerful mech robot enemies. Victory requires ingenious combos of your mechs, hero pilots, and equipment – all of which can be easily and quickly swapped around. Work with the rewards and materials you receive to craft new tactical options and advanced mech gear with an intuitive yet flexible and powerful strategy RPG system.

Compete and advance by taking part in unique events on the entire server and becoming an idle mech boss battle for other players. Create or join a team to enlist other players as allies in epic mech arena battles and special events. Join a faction to participate in multi-battle-arena PvP events, story arcs, and work towards a common goal with hundreds of other players.

Play at your own pace with idle missions or asynchronous AFK PvP multiplayer against rival mecha. The game offers skip/auto battle features, allowing you to focus on analyzing your tactical choices.

Critics and players alike are raving about Fusion Guards. Fans of BattleTech, MechWarrior, Warhammer, Gundam, Front Mission, Real Steel, Titanfall, and other tactical mech combat games will feel right at home. Join a community of gamers that value teamwork and fun while helping to develop a promising new title.
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