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Game overview

Jump, swing, and ride through 100 levels and 7 worlds while avoiding intense obstacles and collecting coins. Customize characters with power-ups and hats.

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Dive into a thrilling platformer game with 100 levels and 7 vivid worlds, where you are challenged to overcome obstacles to reach your goal - a beautiful island 🌴 ❕

Experience the joy of running 🐾, jumping, diving ⚓, swinging on vines, munching on juicy watermelons 🍉, and collecting coins 💰 ❕

Avoid fierce dinosaurs, alligators, deadly spikes, enigmatic enemies 🗿, and menacing fishes 🐡 ❕

Bounce on huge mammoths 🐘, splashing fountains 🐳, springy trampoline-plants 🍀, and watch out for crazy ballistic coconut trees 🌴 hurling you skywards ❕

Enjoy a fun ride on dinosaurs, climb towering giraffes, and smash luscious fruits 🍍 for an added bonus ❕

📌 Features :

✅ Stunning graphics ğŸŽ¨ and captivating sound effects ğŸŽ¶ ❕

✅ 100 Challenging and unique levels ❕

✅ 7 Beautiful game worlds to explore: Island 🌴, Volcano 🌋, Ice ❄, Underwater ⚓, Stone 🗻, Sand 🌵, OnClouds ⛅ ❕

✅ Encounter plentiful dinosaurs, lovable animals 🐙, and amusing challenges ❕

✅ Discover beautiful cavewomen 💘, abundance of fruits, delicious meat 🍖, and warm fire 🔥 to keep you going ❕

✅ Immersive gameplay invites you to activate the optional vibration ♒ and enjoy a fully interactive experience ❕

✅ Personalize your character with awesome customization 🔧: choose from a variety of hats 👑, weapons, power-ups ⚡🆙 and dinosaurs to ride. ❕

✅ 100% free store with optional game services: cloud saving ☁, achievements, and leaderboards 🏆 ensures you experience endless hours of joy ❕

✅ Aimed at hardcore gamers ğŸŽ®: The game offers the toughest achievements and leaderboards 🏆 you will ever find; including the ultimate old-school challenge, completing the game in one go! ❕

✅ Highly optimized for maximum performance 🚀 in disc, battery, memory, and processor usage ❕

✅ Compatible with all devices 💯 including older phones and tablets, so no one will be left behind ❕

Get ready to embark on this exhilarating adventure, and enjoy an unforgettable ride ❕
Release date
Mar 05, 2018
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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