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Frozen Farm: Island Adventure

Frozen Farm: Island Adventure

Game overview

Survive on a remote island with your family. Build, trade, farm, and explore – all in this thrilling simulation adventure game, Frozen Farm.

If you're a simulation and farming enthusiast, Frozen Farm is just the game for you! This exciting adventure game revolves around a lost family on a tropical island, and your objective is to use your skills and smarts to help them survive and get back to civilization. Explore the vast jungles and collect resources which you can then use to craft essential items that'll aid in your survival efforts. Join hands with the members of the lost family, as you venture forth to build your own cozy villa and family farm while fending off the dangers present on the island. Explore the wilderness, discover puzzles, and overcome obstacles on your journey to exciting new areas. Participate in trade activities, and harvest crops, raising farm animals as you trade with your neighbors for valuable items to keep your community thriving. Frozen Farm offers its players a chance to customize their farm, harvesting and growing crops that could be traded with other characters. Players can create their own unique and healthy dishes using the local ingredients while discovering hidden objects that lurk throughout the island. This game offers an exciting, adventurous story that'll keep you hooked as you progress through the game, helping the family survive and eventually reunite with their homeland. Join the journey right now and follow the lost family, survive the island and explore new territories while making essential choices that'll determine the family's fate. Don't miss out on this fantastic adventure, Frozen Farm is the perfect game for the farming and simulation enthusiasts among us!
Release date
May 03, 2024
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Frozen Farm: Island Adventure - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Tutorial (Android)MobileGameplaysTV
Frozen Farm Island Adventure gameplayMaryVer Gamer
Frozen Farm: Island Adventure Android gameplaysAndroid Gameplays


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