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Unemployed and homeless, climb the corporate ladder or gamble at the casino, earn cash and make a family; but can you become president before dying?

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Step into a realistic Life Simulation game. Begin your journey as a struggling individual without any financial aid, job security, or a place to call home. You must work on finding temporary solutions to put food on the table and keep yourself clothed. Take the first step towards creating a better life by buying a room in a dormitory.

Education is the key to success and it’s no different in this game. Enroll yourself in the university and graduate as a skilled professional. Be the master of multiple trades and make the right investments in stock to climb up the financial ladder.

The casino is the go-to place for the thrill-seekers in the game. Try your luck at the casino and win big bucks. Expand your business and trade with the stock market. Aim for the top and climb the corporate ladder by working hard and earning promotions.

Find your soulmate in the game and start a virtual family. Take care of your character and anticipate their needs. Take a break from the busy schedule and go to the hospital, treat your character and take them on a relaxing vacation to resorts.

Attend cultural events such as concerts and activities like bowling and pool to increase your character’s happiness level. Kickstart your own business and aim to earn your first million. With perseverance, you can obtain the highest rank in the game and become the President of the nation. Don’t forget, the clock is ticking, and your character must achieve all before passing away with age.
Release date
Dec 21, 2017

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