GamesFranz: Scary Text Adventure

Game overview

In the interactive horror game Franz, navigate your relationship with a living entity in your phone through tactile touch, word puzzles, and moral choices.

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Step into the world of horror and mystery with Franz - a mysterious entity residing in your phone. Imagine interacting with Franz, a being with her own mind, character, and desires. Through visual novel gameplay, face-to-face communication, and phone notifications, uncover the truth about Franz. The narrative is based on moral choices, which determine whether you become the true owner of Franz or her mere puppet.

The gameplay of Franz is focused on an immersive, text-based story and tactile interaction with the character. Franz is embodied in your device, so be cautious with it. She is unpredictable and sensitive but also interested in you. She is also responsive to physical interaction, adding an element of intensity to every decision made while indulging in this spine-chilling visual novel. When communicating with Franz, consider the repercussions of your choices, even those that seem trivial.

This visual novel features a range of puzzles to solve, highlighting the intricacies of communication between individuals. Much like a real conversation, a misunderstanding or missing a vital detail can profoundly impact the course of the story. In life like in Franz, words constitute a crucial means of communication.

You can convey your feelings towards Franz by tactile contact, opting for either gentle or aggressive touches. She can crave your affection or attempt to manipulate you. The choice is yours - submit to Franz or resist her manipulative ways. This interactive story game utilizes a time aspect, and Franz can kick you out of the game for some time, leading to a unique experience.

Interactions with Franz can lead to notifications on your device. Depending on how fast you open the app after receiving the notification, Franz will react differently. Franz is an organism that responds uniquely to every action you take, whether it's a touch, ignoring her, solving puzzles or indulging her emotional manipulations. Such a non-linear storytelling experience makes the game constantly evolving.

Engage in a visual novel and horror simulation game that provides an immersive experience that tests your choices between tenderness and severity. Discover whether Franz becomes your friend or whether you must reject her sinister desires. Get ready for an intense experience with Franz!
Release date
Oct 12, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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