Fran Bow Chapter 2

Fran Bow Chapter 2

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Game overview

Escape the oppressive mental institution as Fran, a young girl with a mental disorder, to find her missing cat and face an unfair destiny in this creepy adventure game.

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Discover the haunting tale of Fran, a young girl grappling with both her mental illness and a cruel destiny in the eerie adventure game Fran Bow.
After witnessing her parents' horrific murder, Fran flees into the woods with her only companion, Mr. Midnight, a sable feline gifted to her on her previous birthday. In a daze, Fran finds herself locked in Oswald Asylum, a dismal institution for children, and her cherished pet is nowhere to be found.
With the aid of medication and bizarre visions, Fran embarks on a harrowing journey to escape the asylum, locate her beloved cat, and ultimately find refuge with her sole surviving relative, Aunt Grace.
Explore Fran Bow's uniquely macabre world of hand-drawn 2D art and animation, where you can interact with puzzles of varying degrees of complexity, all tailored to the game's gripping narrative. Additionally, experience the haunting original soundtrack that accompanies Fran Bow's unnerving atmosphere.
Note that the game is best played on newer devices possessing at least 1 GB of system memory to prevent chaos and potential crashes.
Killmonday Games
Release date
Mar 03, 2016

Gameplay & Streams

Freeing the Twisted Twins || Fran Bow #2 (Chapter 2 - Playthrough)SuperHorrorBro
Fran Bow - Chapter 2, Part 1: Curiosity Symptoms (Gameplay / Walkthrough)MrKravin
Fran Bow Chapter 2 Part 2 Full Walkthrough.CosmicDusty
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