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An immersive 3D first-person adventure and puzzle game in a beautiful science-fiction universe. Solve puzzles, explore the space station, and customize your Taser Gun skin.

Explore the spectacular and enigmatic Fractal Space universe in this gripping 3D adventure and puzzle game. Here, your objective is to unlock the secrets of the space station and make it out alive. The fate of your journey rests on your shoulders alone. I.G, your host, welcomes you to the Fractal Space cosmos. You may or may not remember him, but be sure he remembers you. Don't be too anxious and consider writing this off as just another escape game or portal like title. You won't regret embarking on this unique storytelling experience, and it'll leave a lasting impression on you once it's all said and done. Get ready to step into the challenging Fractal Space, equipped with a Jetpack and Taser Gun. The game brings together a rich tapestry of features to provide an immersive and enthralling experience. Fly freely and explore the space station using the Jetpack, and customize your Taser Gun's aesthetics using 15 different colors. Solve mind-boggling puzzles, avoid obstacles such as saws and crushers, enjoy lasers, and teleport using portals to get to your destination. Discover and learn more about I.G through secret recordings which lead to multiple endings. Gamers can play with most Bluetooth capable gamepads for a console-like experience. During this journey, enjoy the freedom to switch devices with the aid of cloud saves. Try the HD edition and maintain your progress using Google Play Games. With optimized graphics and 60 FPS options, enjoy the power of the achievements and leaderboards by displaying your outstanding speedrun scores while remaining smooth. Fractal Space is refreshingly free, without advertisements, and in-app purchases are optional and solely intended to support the creators. In exchange, you gain access to very welcome bonus content. Beautifully designed Taser skins offer an unprecedented level of customization. You may construct separate structures skins, personalize laser, screen hues and impact colors. Explore space and the station for various Colors Packs offerings. Fly through space and avoid deadly traps while exploring the world of Fractal Space. Use your Jetpack to defy gravity and physics, but remember, it can run out of fuel. Solve puzzles using mini-games, create cubes to reach new heights, use portal teleporters, orient light mirrors, and strategize to guess access codes. Great brainpower will be required to navigate through the journey of Fractal Space. As you explore the space, collect hidden recordings to decipher puzzles and unlock mysteries about your past, present, and future. For gamers who prefer gamepad controls, Fractal Space supports most gamepads. Contact the creators if your gamepad is not working correctly, and they will add it for the game's next update. Unlock achievements and share your speedrun scores with friends via leaderboards, bringing some friendly competition to the game. Using Google Play games and automatic Cloud Save synchronization, players can play Fractal Space across various devices. Additionally, cross-save between FREE and HD Editions is possible. The game only requires the camera feature for a brief moment to increase immersion, but it is optional. Keep in touch with Haze Games, the two-person indie studio behind this masterpiece, and stay updated with their latest developments on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.
Haze Games
Release date
Nov 12, 2018
Single player



Although short, it is wonderful.

AAKAAKfrom Skich app

Gameplay & Streams

Fractal Space : Gameplay Walkthrough ! Chapter 4 Gameplay !Ticket 2 Ride Gaming
Fractal Space Chapter 4 and 5 Speedrun:15 mins 31 secGamer Aayush 123
Fractal Space Chapter-1Last ended


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