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Game overview

Forevolution: an ecosystem simulation game where you must thin out the world, breed creatures, and balance the food chain while preparing for machine invaders.

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Forevolution, the ecosystem simulation game, has been overhauled and is now released on iOS! As the supreme being, your only duty is to maintain the world's balance by conducting a 【Thinning Out】. Adorned with charming and curious creatures, Forevolution is a food-chain game that can be controlled through simple taps. Accomplish your records by fulfilling the condition of a various plant species. 8bit sounds highlight Professor Sakamoto's alluring original melody.

Follow the food-chain of creatures in the Forest World breeding them.

Adjust the ecosystem balance by eliminating them swiftly before they overbread. After their demise, they'll transform into nourishment for other species and eggs, resulting in the creation of new life. Be prepared for the appearance of "Machines," destroying the forest's ecology.

Game Modes:

●Challenge Mode

Plant-creature breeding missions dominate this stage's earlier rounds. Later, in the middle stage, players confront "machine" invaders, culminating in 50 stages.

●Campaign Mode

To overcome hard-level challenges and defeat Machine Bosses, such as Awful Tower, choose Campaign Mode.

●Free Mode

This option is ideal for experimenting with breeding techniques, fostering sub-species, and fulfilling your book.
Pygmy Studio Co.,Ltd.
Release date
Dec 24, 2015

Gameplay & Streams

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