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Forest Camp Story

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Create and run your own campground, attract campers, set up activities and guide tours to grow your business. Branch out, earn cash and answer the call of the wild!

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Discover the beauty of the great outdoors and make your camping dreams come true with this incredible business management simulation game.

Survey your land to determine the best sites for camping, encourage campers to pitch up their tents, and capture their memories through pictures that will last a lifetime.

While tranquility is the aim, why not inject some excitement with activities like bird watching, fly fishing, and horseback riding? With these fun experiences, there is never a dull moment on your campsite!

New to camping? Not a problem! Arrange guided tours to introduce newcomers to the joys and wonders of camping, incentivizing more bookings for future visits. With persistence, you may even attract adorable wildlife like rabbits and squirrels!

Why not expand your venture? Increase your profits and attract new customers by opening up camping stores in nearby towns. Promote your voyage of discovery to effectively create a camping sensation throughout the country!

Answer the beckoning of the wild and become the ultimate camping conqueror today!

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