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Fight with friends anywhere in arcade-style combat with FOOTSIES! Only one button needed for special moves in this simplified 2D fighting game.

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Challenge your friends to a test of FOOTSIES expertise anytime, anywhere with this classic arcade-style combat game!

In FOOTSIES, players can move their characters horizontally, controlling their every move as they execute normal and special attacks to defeat their enemies. Although the controls and graphics are straightforward, FOOTSIES stays true to its fighting game roots, relying on strategic spacing, well-timed hit confirmations, and whiff punishes to claim victory.

The game's unique mechanics include:
- Elimination occurs after you're hit by a special move - no health bar!
- You can only block an opponent's attack thrice before a guard break occurs.
- There are two categories of normal moves - neutral attack and forward/backward attack.
- Two different types of special moves can be executed by holding down and then releasing the attack button.
- If a normal move lands on your opponent, you can cancel into a neutral special move by pressing the attack button again.
- By hitting forward/backward twice, you can perform forward and backward dashes.
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