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Help Ducky find feathers and solve puzzles to change the color of all boxes in Flip-flip Duck - a puzzle game with classic and challenging stages.

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In Flip-flip Duck, you will be faced with an interesting puzzle that requires you to change the color of all the boxes until they match. The feathers that protect the hero stone statue have disappeared and as a result, Ducky has set out on a grand adventure to recover them. In order to succeed in this quest, you must rely on your puzzle-solving abilities.

It is important to remember the rules as you go on this adventure. Firstly, you must move the ducky. After this, the box will change to another color. Lastly, your goal is to make all the boxes the same color.

Flip-flip Duck has a range of features and stages that will challenge you to explore and solve more complex puzzles. The classic stage is a great starting point to learn basic skills that will help you progress and make all boxes one color. You’ll also encounter the rock and lock stage, where you will need to unlock rock boxes that are blocking your way. In the mighty blind stage, a sandstorm will affect your vision and make your journey even more challenging. Lastly, the hard stage will throw a range of tough puzzles that will require unparalleled problem-solving expertise.

Overall, Flip-flip Duck is a fun adventure loaded with intriguing puzzles. The gameplay is captivating and will keep you entertained throughout. If you're ready to immerse yourself in an exciting world of puzzles and adventures, give Flip-flip Duck a try! To learn more, visit our homepage at newbiecat.com or feel free to contact us at contact@newbiecat.com.
Release date
Mar 02, 2013

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