Flick Home Run!

Flick Home Run!

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Game overview

Experience real-life baseball batting with easy controls, 10 game modes, and a level-up system. Hit the ball with accuracy and power for home runs.

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Step up to the plate and experience the thrill of hitting a homerun with a simple flick of your finger in this award-winning baseball game of 2012! Using a physical pendulum, you'll get an authentic batting experience as you take on various throws and try to hit the ball as far as you can.

The controls are easy - all you need is a quick and accurate flick of your finger to hit the ball and become a homerun hitter. Imagine your finger as a bat and swing it to hit the ball with speed and precision. It's that simple.

The ball moves organically, replicating the different movements of an actual baseball, making it difficult to hit at times. There are ten game modes in which you can play, such as Minor and Major Mode, where you aim to score as many homeruns as possible. Try out the multiplayer mode where you can challenge other players via Game Center, or practice your skills in Training Mode with different kinds of pitches. As you progress, you'll unlock different modes like Bunt Mode, Total Mode, and even face off against a Giant pitcher in Jiant Mode.

To level up, you'll need to gain experience points, and every time you do, you can boost one of three skills - Power to increase your bat's strength, Accuracy to improve your ability to hit the ball, or Batting Eye to predict the next pitched ball. There are also 28 achievement bonuses to unlock, with each one granting you a level up bonus.

Want to hit a homerun every time? Here are some tips. Swing with a full and fast batting speed, time your swing accurately to match the different throws, and keep your eye on the ball to predict its pattern. Lastly, be confident, swing with all you've got, and aim for that homerun!

Still have questions? The FAQ section has you covered. For instance, the Step Up System rewards you with more balls as you level up. With its addictive gameplay and intuitive controls, this game is a home run for any baseball fan.
infinity pocket
Release date
Oct 15, 2011

Gameplay & Streams

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