Flappy Putin: Hardbass Gopnik

Flappy Putin: Hardbass Gopnik

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Game overview

Flappy Putin, an epic Slav game where you learn to be a true Slav by rushing A as Russia. Stay cheeki breeki and listen to hard bass.

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Are you going to vote for Putin? It does not matter, as he will surely get your vote anyway, my friend. Flappy Putin is a legendary Slavic character from the Duma, also recognized as Vladimir Hardbaskov. If you have ever been curious about what it feels like to be Slavic, then this game is a must-play, my friend. Make sure to rush A since the game takes place in Russia!

After playing Flappy Putin, you will have learned how to be a true Slav, and no one will stop you on the street anymore wondering about what you're wearing since you'll be sporting a tracksuit. And if you're unsure about what music to blare from your car, it's got to be HARD BASS.

So, stay cheeki breeki and go play Flappy Putin, my friend!
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