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Game overview

Fishing Planet® is a free multiplayer fishing simulator with stunning eye-candy graphics, weather changes, realistic tackle behavior, and AI for lifelike behavior of 100 fish species.

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Fishing Planet® is an exclusive and exceptionally authentic online multiplayer fishing simulator developed by enthusiastic anglers, to offer you the complete real-life experience of angling! Select your bait, make consecutively large catches, discover new prospects and advance your personal angling abilities anywhere and anytime with your buddies!

The game is available for FREE and just a simple download away!

Fishing Planet® stands out from the rest with its spectacularly mesmerizing graphics, realistic handling and deterioration of fishing gear based on actual simulation physics and, the most essential feature, fish with AI (artificial intelligence) for totally lifelike behavior making this simulator a true-to-life platform that can help you improve your real-life angling capabilities!

The blend of fascinating and unique graphics, realistic game physics and advanced AI will transport you directly to the realistic world of angling, right on your screen!

Key features:

*Over 100 species available to lure, each with its own special behavior and AI.

*17 picturesque waterways with various locations, diverse climatic conditions, base terrain, and greenery.

*3 types of fishing available – float, spinning, and bottom.

*Thousands of tackle combinations with distinctive physical and hydrodynamic properties.

*Kayaks and 3 different types of motorboats- metal boats, rubber boats, and bass boats that have uniquely individual speed, durability, parameters, and features.

*Superb dynamically controlled water graphics with ripples and surfaces that change depending on wind, flow, and depth.

*Weather – This gamut of features includes day and night alternation, change in seasons, and various weather conditions like rain, mist, and bright sunshine.

*Multiplayer Capacity – Participate in online competitions and tournaments with individual and team results, an extensive array of accomplishments to achieve, top player lists, and leader boards in addition.

What sets us apart is:

*A sophisticated AI system for fish behavior that associates with periodic and climatic changes, time of day, the momentum of water currents, bottom contour and type, color and structure of water, and temperature of water and air, wind, etc. The behavior of each species of fish in accordance with striking and biting is natural and realistic, with meticulous attention given to lure attacks.

*Utilization of latest high-end technology for graphics makes it ever so photorealistic with photogrammetry technique, making use of all waterways as if they are based on real-life locations.

*A unique system of game physics and realistic tackle damage caused to rods, lines, and reels, as they break according to their actual individual characteristics. With an ultra-realistic hydro and aerodynamic environment, casting and reeling in lures and bait make it almost real.

*Dynamic Water Graphics – The effect of splashing, waves, and ripples on the water surface creates a completely realistic atmosphere for fishing.

*Weather – The change of weather conditions varies with location, season, and time of day with the possibility of sudden rain or sunshine, breaking through the clouds.
Release date
Jul 23, 2022
Single player




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