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Fireballz: Lava Labyrinth

Game overview

Connect the dots and burn targets while avoiding ice balls in this challenging and visually stunning puzzle game.

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Fireballz is a lively Puzzle game created by the makers of Infinity Loop. The game is a unique take on the classic connect-the-dots puzzle games where players control a fireball and navigate from one dot to another, setting targets on fire. While the game sounds simple, it is far from that. In Fireballz, the player is not alone - they must face off against enemy ice balls who are trying to destroy them.

There are three types of enemy ice balls, which create an infinity of combinations and scenarios, making the game feel like a labyrinth that’s changing at every step. As you connect the dots, you burn everything in your way. The main goal of the game is to ignite your targets. However, you must watch out for ice balls that can put out the fire you started. If you collide with an ice ball, it’s like failing an IQ test. The Ice vs. Fire dynamic is why every level of the game feels so lively.

The game's complexity lies in the nature of the three types of artificial intelligence enemies: patrols, sentinels, and mines. Patrollers navigate from one dot to another and eliminate your fireball when they collide with it, forcing it into space in small pieces. Sentinels are more sophisticated as they move from one dot to another while eliminating any ignited ball in their path. Mines are static enemies that test your brain's flexibility. They will detonate and blow you into space after a specific number of moves. However, you can trick them by taking a shortcut through teleporters and not navigating dot-to-dot. The game's flexibility is a must if you're interested in solving all its levels.

The game has a shield protection mechanism that helps you when you connect the dots, ignite targets, and solve levels. You will obtain an invulnerability shield that enhances your gameplay. The shield protects you if you happen to collide with an ice ball, giving you the chance to send them into space.

One of the specialties of the developers is relaxing free games, and Fireballz is no exception. As you play, a peaceful calm will take over you, and the music will flow through your soul. The game's beautiful design will make you feel like floating through the infinity of space. However, players must keep their minds active, or the lively ice balls will get them.

Fireballz is a free game that you can play to infinity without paying. It has 250 hand-made levels in eight difficulty ranges, with various solutions to every level. From simple levels for casual gamers to the complex labyrinths for hard-core puzzle players, Fireballz includes a variety of levels for everyone. The game features collectibles such as rare ball skins or new themes, including country flags. You can unlock the different skins by gathering coins and connect dots with your fireball. The game is offline-friendly and does not require an internet connection. You can play it from anywhere and even when your battery is at 10%. Additionally, the game has a beautiful design, with better graphics and complex fire effects.
Release date
Apr 18, 2019
Single player

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