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Game overview

Play fast 5v5 matches, upgrade gear, use tactical grenades, and lead military ops in different war zones. Fight against players worldwide and climb the rating system in various game modes.

Immerse yourself in a world filled with protests and confrontations of different factions with Fire Strike Online Shooter. This is a fast-paced game of 5v5 quick action matches lasting between 5-7 minutes where you must upgrade weapons and equipment, swap shooters, use tactical grenades, and fight for your survival. Master all the game maps as they become your weapon to dominate other players. Fire Strike Online Shooter takes pride in being a competitive, Play to Win game rather than Pay to Win. All the items affecting gameplay can be obtained by playing the game. Connect with other players from all over the world to form epic PvP battles and become the hero of the battlefield. Experience military operations in different war zones such as Chernobyl, Japan, and USA. Acquire new weapons, soldiers, and armor, try new tactics, and install unique attachments. Plant a bomb or defuse it, and participate in action team battles. Fire Strike Online Shooter allows players to choose among different game modes such as Team Fight, Free for All (Death Match Survival), Bomb Mode (Defuse), or Arms Race (Gun Game). Choose who you want to play as, whether it be a fast SMG assassin, Sniper support, or Tank machine gunner. This game offers a wide variety of weapons and equipment with flexible specialist settings. The aim of Fire Strike Online Shooter is to survive and advance to higher leagues. Become legendary in the Fire Titans league and climb up the rankings as part of a squad or alone. Experience each round in different shooter games and get a rampage to achieve the highest score in the game. Fire Strike Online Shooter offers regular updates with new content, skins, characters, weapons, and attachments. New modes such as capture, combat arena, and 2v2 tournaments are also in development. In addition, new maps such as Slums Raid and Campo Sacro are coming soon. Please note that while Fire Strike Online Shooter is completely free-to-play and download, some in-game content can be purchased for real money. If you have any inquiries or feedback, feel free to contact us at Join our community on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and VK. Play Fire Strike Online Shooter now and become the best FPS shooter in the game!
Release date
Sep 14, 2020


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