GamesFinal Squad - The last troops

Final Squad - The last troops

Game overview

Form a team, find supplies and fight infected zombies caused by a melting North Pole in a survival shooter.

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In the year 21XX, the ice caps have melted due to global warming causing the spread of unknown microorganisms. One such organism is responsible for a highly contagious virus that can be fatal to humans. The virus transforms people into senseless zombies. Your objective is to search for survivors and form a team, while gathering supplies and artifacts to survive until the end.

Create a powerful final squad of 5 individuals with unique weapons to increase your chances of survival against the zombie hordes. The combination of the weapons of the five members of your squad will play a significant role in your survival.

Assemble the ultimate team, and unleash a hail of bullets to obliterate the zombie menace on your way to victory!

Become the hero in this epic post-apocalyptic adventure from YEMA Games. Take on the challenge of surviving, and bring humanity back from the brink of destruction. Get ready to face a world turned upside down by nature's wrath. Join the fight against the undead, and reclaim your world!

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Release date
Dec 15, 2023
Single player

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