Final Frontier: Space Idle RPG

Final Frontier: Space Idle RPG

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Game overview

Lead a group of space pirates in Final Frontier, an auto battle RPG that challenges players to assemble the perfect combat team and save the galaxy from destruction.

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Final Frontier is an RPG game that takes you to an exciting space adventure. In this game, you will encounter two fighting forces, the Gideans and the Armadians. The Gideans have managed to expel their enemy Armadians by using powerful Obelisks that unfortunately resulted in their own demise. The Obelisks acted as the universe's first line of defense for thousands of years. However, since they were deactivated, the Armadian fleet has begun conquering one sector after another, taking control of its inhabitants.

You will be the captain of a group of space piracy that roams around planets in search of treasures and seeks to maximize profit. Yet, things take an unexpected turn as you come across a mysterious girl on your next mission, who is searching for ways to save the universe.

Final Frontier offers an adventurous space saga that immerses you in the uncharted territories of space. The game features a vast map that allows you to travel between planetary systems, collecting resources and equipment to make your team stronger. You'll compete with other players, learn the universe's history, and interact with key characters throughout the game.

In the game, you must develop your team and ship by collecting heroes of various classes, each with unique skills. You have to level up your crew and equip them with the most powerful alien technology available. Upgrading your spaceship's efficiency will also prove beneficial to complete the game's missions.

Final Frontier offers idle gameplay which doesn't require your direct control. Observing your team's AFK battles against their enemies, monsters, antagonists, and bosses will help you understand how to develop your team further.

In conclusion, Final Frontier is an exciting game that will take you on a thrilling adventure through an uncharted region of space. Collect heroes, upgrade your spaceship, compete with others, and save the universe.
Release date
Sep 19, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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