Game overview

Explore a 2D world through a 3D perspective to discover the mysteries of time and space in an open-ended adventure full of puzzles and hidden treasures.

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Get ready to embark on a mind-bending journey with Gomez, a 2D creature residing in a 2D world. However, the discovery of a mysterious third dimension changes his world completely. This revelation leads him on an epic quest that transcends time and space.

In Fez, you will be tasked with navigating 3D structures using 4 unique classic 2D views. As you explore the world, you will come across a vast and beautiful open-ended environment, teeming with secrets, puzzles, and hidden treasures. Discover the secrets of the past and uncover the truth about reality and perception.

By changing your perspective, you will be able to see the world from a completely different angle, transforming seemingly flat environments into intricate and complex spaces. Prepare to be amazed as your perception shifts while you navigate through a world that is more than meets the eye.

Fez is more than just a game, it is an experience that challenges players to look beyond what they see and think outside the box. Explore a world like no other, and unravel the mysteries hidden within.
Polytron Inc.
Release date
Dec 13, 2017
Open world
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

FEZ - Launch Trailer - Nintendo SwitchNintendo of America
Fez - Full Game Playthrough (No Commentary)fgw
FEZ 10 Years LaterBoss Door
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