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Feral Frontier: Roguelite

Game overview

Enter Feral Frontier's chaotic world as a hero fighting through dynamically generated levels, mastering diverse builds and using randomly discovered weapons.

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Feral Frontier is an exceptional survival roguelite shooter game that perfectly blends the thrill of TPS and the strategy of roguelite. Brace yourself for an exciting adventure full of chaos as you explore unpredictable levels designed with diverse builds while discovering newly found weapons and artifacts.

Unlike regular shooters, Feral Frontier follows the rules of the roguelite genre, which means you'll have to keep on exploring the levels, taking time to discover various weapon and skill combinations before you can progress through the game. Also, be prepared for permanent death-reborn cycles, which will test your inner warrior to the fullest.

As you venture into ever-changing landscapes filled with unending gunfire, you'll be in charge of various heroes, each with their own unique abilities. The reincarnation loop of the game offers an endlessly captivating challenge, pushing you to unravel new paths to triumph each time you're reborn. Experience the ultimate survival shooter experience with Feral Frontier.

With an extensive arsenal of weapons, skills, and artifacts at your disposal, you can craft your own destiny in Feral Frontier. Experiment with countless combinations that cater to your preferred playstyle as you brave through the chaos.

Feral Frontier immerses you in a world of unparalleled visual experience through its unique art style that redefines TPS visual experience. The game is optimized for mobile devices, providing players with perfect control mechanisms and satisfying shooting mechanics.

Step into the exciting world of Feral Frontier and embark on an epic survival quest through untamed lands where each firefight presents a chance for rebirth to become the ultimate champion. Are you ready to challenge the frontier? The possibilities are endless!
Becube Co Ltd
Release date
Sep 06, 2023
Single player

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