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Farm Flow: Connect the Dots

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Solve brain teasers and connect animal dots with color lines to stop chaos on the Farm Flow in this free game. Help the pug save his animal friends!

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Get ready for some brain teasing fun with Farm Flow - Line Puzzle! Join our Pug and help him restore order on the farm by connecting the dots and solving puzzles. With chaos spreading across the farm, the animals are on the loose creating fun brain puzzles for adults. From the sheep devouring the lawn to pigs taking mud baths and roosters squabbling, the farm is a mess. Color connect the dots of a line puzzle to help the animals find their way home and bring peace to Farm Flow.

Each animal needs your help finding its way home in this unique line puzzle game. Connect the dots to create a path home for each animal and make sure the lines do not intersect. Don't worry if you're not sure what to do, the Pug is always on hand to assist. Dress up the animals for an exhibition and find hidden creatures in the farm to add to your collection. But beware, aliens may try to abduct your beloved creatures, so you must work quickly to complete the puzzle to save them in time.

Race against the clock and save the animals from being abducted by aliens. Find the correct path before time runs out or the animals may be lost forever. Watch out for the portals that can teleport the animals across the field. Make sure to match the color and avoid confusion, or the animals may not make it back to their homes.

Join the Pug on his Farm Flow and solve brain puzzles for adults for free. Connect the dots with color lines and help the animals in their quest. With each level, you'll uncover new creatures and challenges, keeping the game fresh and exciting. Don't miss out on the thrilling brain teasers that await you. Get in touch with the Pug at and share your thoughts or suggestions for new updates!
Pride Games
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Sep 27, 2023



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