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Game overview

Fantasy Life Online offers 12 Lives to switch between, upgrade and explore open maps with. Customize your village and team up with friends for epic adventure.

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Fantasy Life Online, the sequel to the famous Japanese console game by LEVEL-5, offers a captivating life adventure RPG game experience where players can create their unique characters and immerse themselves in various Lives to experience countless hours of fun.

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Long ago, the land of "Reveria" was a beautiful and abundant place. However, those who lived there had little to no chance to earn a living. One day, a mysterious ark appeared among the clouds, and the Goddess descended to "Reveria." Her purpose was to guide those lost souls and teach them the 12 Lives. As God's Envoy, you must prevent the Abnormalities happening worldwide. Your destiny is to save the world from the sinister forces and to restore the people's fantasy life.

- Game Features -
※ Change Lives quickly!
The game offers 12 different Lives divided into Fighter, Gatherer, and Manufacturer categories. It is crucial to switch Lives depending on the quest's requirements and situations.

※ Trial of the Stars: Upgrade and become a Master!
You can upgrade each Life through the Trial of Stars, which also rewards players with Appearance Suits. Upgraded characters can learn new skills such as Unique Skills and Combos. It is essential to note that when switching among Lives, players won't lose their acquired skills.

※ Play your way
The game merges three gameplays: Adventure, Field Search, and Village. This feature allows the player to choose a path that suits their playstyle, whether it is discovering new territories and becoming a hero, using professional skills to explore, or building a peaceful village.

※ Solo or with Friends
The Co-op mode allows up to 4 players to join forces and enjoy the game together. Each mode comes with various fun and rewards; players can embark on solo adventures or bring their friends and discover Reveria together.

※ Build and have fun
The game allows players to design their unique villages and invite friends to visit. You can gather materials found during adventures to build the village, forge weapons, and upgrade your character. You can also host your friends in your village and enjoy the game together.

※ Thrilling combat & epic adventure
The RPG Style game offers a compelling story updated to Chapter 4. Completing story quests enables players to challenge advanced Bosses across different maps and gain corresponding Suits. The maps are interconnected and offer unlimited exploration; players can also gather materials and fight here.
Open Maps include East Grassy Plains, West Grassy Plains, Waterfall Cave, Haniwa Cave, Elderwood, and Mt Snowpeak.

※ Get the Newbie Gift: Adventure Carnival
Join the game and receive the Newbie Gift, Adventure Carnival that includes exclusive points, dosh, diamonds, gear, and Summon Coins, and complete quests to claim your rewards.
Boltrend Games
Release date
Dec 06, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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