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Fly as a falcon, hunt for food, battle enemies and recruit falcons to your flock in a huge open-world environment. Download Falcon Simulator today!

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Immerse yourself in the world of a falcon with this thrilling simulator game! Fly high above a vast world teeming with danger and prey. With carnivorous enemies like hawks, vultures, and foxes, and delicious critters available for sustenance, you must maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy to survive. Gather other falcons to your flock, scavenge for food, and fight to protect your life with razor-sharp talons and beaks.

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In this realistic simulator game, you have to level up your falcons by earning experience points through completing missions, defeating enemies, and consuming prey. Breeding baby falcons is a rewarding experience, as they grow into deadly predators from powerful members of your flock. With the level cap increased to 200, you will need to complete two new mission types and over two dozen achievements to boost your experience.

Experience the thrill of soaring through the sky throughout the day-night cycle and dynamic weather system complete with lightning flashes, rainfall, and fog. Travel across a huge 3D environment that is five times larger than the previous simulators and is free for falcon flights. Navigate a seaside city and frozen obstacles as you discover a massive collection of 25 wildlife species such as wolves, bears, snakes, raccoons, and several other critters.

Choose from new intuitive controls and see the world through the eyes of a falcon with the brand new first-person camera mode. Stunning HD graphics allow you to witness a remote cluster of islands filled with vibrant wildlife. Customize your game experience with new graphic quality options for any device. Blood effects are also available for a realistic gaming experience with parental permission.

With the Falcon Simulator game, you get an incredible gameplay experience with no ads or purchases. Get a handy guide to ensure wilderness survival and the best gaming experience. If you loved the Falcon Simulator game, try other animal simulators such as the Stray Dog Simulator, Snow Leopard Simulator, or the Snake Simulator.

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Release date
May 27, 2015


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