Faerie's Bargain: The Price of Business

Faerie's Bargain: The Price of Business

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Bargain in London's Untermarkt, trade in whims and magic, romance or betray, and become a wealthy trader or political ruler. Play "Faerie's Bargain: The Price of Business".

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If you're looking for a thrilling and magical adventure, look no further than "Faerie's Bargain: The Price of Business," a 300,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Trip Galey. At 33% off until December 9th, you can join the game as one of the goblin merchants of the Untermarkt: a mystical market beneath Victorian London that lets you trade in wondrous items like memories, wishes, secrets, and more. You'll encounter all manner of magical creatures and characters, and ultimately, your choices will determine your fate.

With no graphics or sound effects, this game is all about your imagination. You can choose to play as male, female, or non-binary, and you can also choose your sexual orientation. Additionally, you can be mostly-human, mostly-faery, or somewhere in between. Part of the fun of the game is buying new body parts and mystical powers from your supernatural ally, which can include mirrors, roses, or the Fog of London itself.

As you navigate the Untermarkt, you'll be presented with a variety of challenges and obstacles. You can choose to fight for the High Queen Victoria, or you can fund a revolution and try to rule the Untermarkt yourself. You can even romance or betray various characters, including a socialite, lord, lady, or even your own supernatural ally.

There are plenty of opportunities to make deals and trade in all sorts of wondrous items, from magic and bottled time, to twists of fate and memories. You can attend elaborate balls and galas, investigate the scheming nobles of the land, and even advocate for the rights of children who are trapped in labor contracts.

All in all, "Faerie's Bargain: The Price of Business" is an exciting and enchanting adventure that is sure to captivate gamers of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you're a fan of fantasy novels or just looking for a new and unique gaming experience, this is a game that is not to be missed!
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